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Can I test the OKR software "dOkrs" for free?
Of course. After successful registration, you can test our OKR software "dokrs" 21 days for free with all the features! Click here for the free trial version
What payment methods do you offer?
We send the invoices accordingly and furthermore accept bank transfers. The invoices are payable within 20 days after the invoice date.
How secure is my data?
Data security is our top priority and therefore enjoys the highest priority. We continuously focus on the security and privacy of your data. That's why we conduct security reviews at every stage of product development. We conduct peer reviews and automated testing. We ensure the physical security of certified data centers in Switzerland. We have independent audits performed and, of course, we comply with international data protection regulations. Visit to learn more.
Who should I contact if I still have questions regarding the OKR software?
You can contact us at any time if you have questions about the operation of our OKR software. Our goal is to respond to your questions as soon as possible and to help you decisively. Just send your request to our e-mail:
Do you also offer trainings, workshops or consulting regarding the method of OKR?
In addition to our OKR software, we also offer services in the area of the OKR method. On OKR Circle you will find all important information about our trainings, workshops and consulting.
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