dokrs: Our OKR-Software for Organizations
"The idea is not only to simplify the work with OKRs, but moreover to enable teams to work in a more self-organized, agile and transparent way."
Our idea of combining the OKR-Software with the OKR-Consulting makes it easier for you to further focus on your product, your team and your market.
All Basic OKR-Features
We have integrated the OKR framework into our software. With dokrs you can therefore create and modify all basic OKR essentials from defining objectives to defining key results. Check-ins included!
Simplicity and Support
Our goal is to simplify the work with OKRs without sacrificing user experience. With dokrs we provide a tool which is user-friendly and at the same time supports you, your team, and even OKR-Champions in the work with OKRs.
Exclusive OKR-Consulting from an Experienced OKR-Coach
From our own experience, we know how important targeted support is. An experienced OKR coach is hence available for 1.5 hours per quarter to answer your most important questions about the OKR framework and the work with OKRs.
Companies already supported by dokrs:
dokrs is an initiative of OKR Circle. Our goal is to connect our OKR services with the OKR software.
Increased employee focus through clear definition of OKRs and complementary integration into the daily work routine!
Check-ins that keep you and your team on track!
Reflect on the findings and learnings from the defined OKRs and iterate from newly gained insights!
Ready to Start?
Increase alignment, focus, transparency and the ability to learn faster in your organization with the help of our free trial.
User-friendly Software with many Features!
Overview over our most important features:
  • Create and Modify Objectives & Key Results
  • Targeted Determination of KRs Based on Metrics
  • Confidence Level at a Glance
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • History Available at any Time
  • Create Teams and Team-OKRs
You want to grow with your startup*. That is what we have in common.
Our goal is to support you in the development and growth of your startup. For this purpose, we have therefore put together a special package for you and your startup.
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