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General Information:

With the check-in you can keep yourself and your team regularly up to date. In doing so, you reflect at regular intervals (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) on the past changes in the values and use the integrated confidence level to determine how you plan to proceed.

The following steps are generally to be followed to perform a check-in:

  1. Click on the check-in "button" at the respective Key Result. 
  2. You will get to the check-in window, which gives you an overview of the development of your Key Result.
  3. Enter the current value in the input field "Value".
  4. Determine the current status of your key result in the "Confidence Level" by selecting the corresponding color.
  5. In the last input field, enter what has changed since the last time and what are the most important initiatives until your next check-in.
  6. Click on "Add Update".
  7. The entered values will be applied and the check-in window will be refreshed to show you the current status of your Key Results.
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