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Define your Key Results

General information:

In addition to Objectives, the associated Key Results are an essential component. Key Results can be used to measure when and how a goal is approached and which steps are necessary to achieve the target values of the respective Key Results. In order to iterate in the best possible way from past Key Results, their precise definitions play an essential role.

Procedure for creating a Key Result:

  1. Go to the Dashboard.
  2. Click on the "3-dot-synbol" to the right of the respective Objective title and click on "Add Key Results".
  3. You will now get to the respective window for creating a Key Result.
  4. In the input field "Title of your Key Result" you can now enter the title of your Key Result.
  5. In the input field "Unit" you can determine which unit you want to select for the key result to be defined.
  6. In the input field "Expected development" you can now define and limit the general conditions of your key result.
  7. In the next step you can define the "Start value" and the "Target value". Furthermore you can describe the Key Result in more detail.
  8. Now determine a person who will take over the "responsibility" of the Key Result.
  9. Finally you can determine the measuring frequency.
  10. Save the entries you have made in order to finally define the Key Result.
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