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Create Objectives

General information:

In order to be able to start with OKRs at all, there is no way around defining objectives. When defining an objective, it is important to make sure that the description is short, crisp and appealing.

Procedure for creating an Objective:

  1. From the Dashboard, click the "Add OKR" button.
  2. On the edit page of the Objective you will now find 4 available fields that you can edit.
  3. At the input field "Name" you can now edit the title of your Objective.
  4. At the input field "Description" you can describe your Objective in detail.
  5. In the third input field "Teams" you can select the responsible team.
  6. In the input field "Responsibility" you can assign the objective to a person.
  7. As soon as you have saved your entries, they will be displayed on your dashboard next time.
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